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2019 5th Grade Open CIty County Champs

The South County CYC is a faith-based athletic program, dedicated to providing an opportunity for all of the youth of our District to participate in athletics, where winning is of secondary importance, and physical, social and spiritual development is the goal. We sponsor leagues in Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and Golf, from 1st grade through High School.

Where to register to play is the Catholic Parish where the family is a member, or the Catholic School that a child attends on a full time status. For non-Catholics, where you register to play is based on either the Church/Religious School that you are a member of or attend, if they are in CYC, or the Catholic Parish whose boundaries you live within.

To search for the Catholic Parish boundaries you live within, please click here.

More information about the South County CYC District can be found in the links on the left side of this page.

All officials (umpire, referee, scorekeeper etc.) must join the Catholic Youth Council Sports Officials Association to be eligible to officiate during the sports season. Please register as a "Player".

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